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Aaron Dritz

Mesothelioma Lawyer Aaron Dritz

Aaron Dritz

Aaron Dritz is an associate at Maune Raichle Hartley French & Mudd, LLC. He is passionate about helping people who are harmed by corporations or insurance companies, and his background in personal injury law informs his practice vindicating the rights of victims of asbestos exposure.

Aaron earned his J.D. from the University of San Francisco School of Law in 2008. Before coming to MRHFM, Aaron focused on personal injury cases, including motor vehicle and slip and fall cases, resulting in six figure settlements for his clients. Aaron is passionate about securing justice for his clients, and committed to bringing all of his advocacy skills to his work at MRHFM.


University of San Francisco Law School - 2008

San Francisco State University - 2003

Practice Area



June 2012 - November 2019
Sarah Lawrence & Associates, Oakland Associate • Associate in small practice working as personal injury attorney handling full caseload including motor vehicle and slip and fall cases. Successes include settlements in motor vehicle accidents of $310,000, $200,000, $120,000, $83,000, and slip and fall settlements for $155,000, $111,000, and $85,000. • Expertise in depositions, discovery, motion work, preparing for mediation and many other aspects of civil litigation. • Preparing and writing demand packages, negotiating with insurance companies and government agencies, preparing and filing complaints and causes of action, experience in worker’s compensation and third party hybrid cases.

January 2010 - November 2011
Volunteer Attorney at Marin County Public Defender. Litigated DUI trial to completion (hung jury). Represented clients accused of misdemeanors taking cases to trial if necessary. Successfully wrote and argued two appeals before a panel of appellate judges. • Successfully wrote and argued two appeals before a panel of appellate judges. • Conducted in-custody interviews with clients to prepare for court appearances. • Made court appearances on behalf of clients accused of misdemeanors. • Prepared change of plea forms and informed clients about their rights and substance of plea agreements. • Performed legal research on criminal defense issues; wrote and argued motions.

Recognition & Awards

University of San Francisco School of Law J.D. 2008 o CALI Award for Excellence in Law and Literature, Spring 2007