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Emerging Science Shows Promise in Advancing Early Detection, Fight Against Mesothelioma

One of the most interesting definitions of nanotechnology is offered by Encyclopedia Britannica’s Merriam-Webster Dictionary. It is also one of the easiest to understand. It defines nanotechnology as “the science of manipulating materials on an atomic or molecular scale especially to build microscopic devices (as robots).” Not to be confused with the controversial “nanomaterials” that  Continue Reading »

Mesothelioma Prognosis Part Three: Looking to the Future

Patients that have been diagnosed early, and only have the parietal pleura affected, have a good chance of survival with 70 percent of patients living for five years or more. A mesothelioma diagnosis doesn’t have to be treated like a death sentence.  Although mesothelioma is an aggressive disease, when caught in its early stages, the  Continue Reading »

Study Shows Laparoscopic Surgery Leads to Fewer Complications for Mesothelioma Cancer Treatment

European Journal of Surgical Oncology (EJSO)  Volume 39 Issue 10 Laparoscopy (lap·a·ros·co·py) is a type of surgery in which small incisions are made in the abdominal wall through which a laparoscope and other instruments can be placed to permit structures within the abdomen and pelvis to be seen. A variety of probes or other instruments  Continue Reading »

$27.5 Million Settlement Comes out of Cleveland Trial for 40 Year Old Mesothelioma Victim

In the Cleveland mesothelioma case, Panza vs. Kelsey Hayes, John Panza obtained a verdict of $27.5 million.  The law firm of Waters & Kraus, LLP served as council for John Panza, a 40 year old college professor who went through an extra pleural pneumonectomy (EPP).  His exposure was from his father who was a bystander  Continue Reading »

Quick Guide to EPA Asbestos Laws

 The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Although asbestos is no longer used in construction and the manufacturing of construction products and materials, the threat of exposure still exists. Many structures that were built before 1980 may still have asbestos roofs, furnaces, plumbing, floor tiles, fireplaces, and more. Exposure can occur during renovation or demolition, during a  Continue Reading »

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