Its the little things that count.
Like Carolyn’s Coke Points.

Every little bit counts down to the Coke Points that Carolyn Howk collects in the MFHFM break room.  As a Coke Rewards member, Carolyn collects points and has the option to use them for things like magazine subscriptions and souvenir sports bottles, but instead she chooses to use them for donations to St. Jude.

St. Jude treats children with cancer and other serious, life threatening diseases with pioneering research and exceptional care.  No family is every required to pay St. Jude for anything.

It does not come in the form of a huge check, but every little bit counts and Carolyn will continue to collect Coke Points in the MRHFM break room that will benefit St. Jude.  Thank you Carolyn for putting those points to a great cause.

What are the little things that you do on a regular basis that make a difference?