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National Cancer Research Month Raises Mesothelioma Awareness

Cancer Research Saves Lives“Cancer Research Saves Lives” is the slogan of the American Association for Cancer Research’s National Cancer Research Month and we couldn’t agree more. This May marks the 6th year observing National Cancer Research Month in the US as it was declared by the United States Congress in 2007. It is a month where we celebrate the advancements made in mesothelioma cancer research and look toward a hopeful future of discovery though medical research.

Though the number of Americans dying from cancer is increasing, federal funding for medical research continues to decline reports the AACR. Mesothelioma cancer research does not have the funding that more common forms of cancer have, but the field is making great strides. A mesothelioma diagnosis is no longer the death sentence that it was 20 years ago. There is still no cure, but if mesothelioma treatment is started early, some victims are living 10+ years after a mesothelioma diagnosis.  

Mesothelioma research is under the larger umbrella of lung cancer research, so the funding is spread pretty thin. However, unlike other forms of cancer the cause of mesothelioma is known to be exposure to asbestos. That is why it is essential to spread awareness because, as in most cancers, when found early, the patient will have the best treatments options and future outlook. If you would like more information about mesothelioma please request our free mesothelioma book.

Please join us in our effort to spread awareness not only this month, but every day to support research for a mesothelioma cancer cure.