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100 Questions & Answers About Mesothelioma

This book offers help - whether you’re a newly diagnosed mesothelioma patient, a survivor, a friend or a relative.  100 Questions & Answers About Mesothelioma is written from a medical perspective and gives you authoritative, practical answers to your questions about treatment options, post-treatment quality of life, sources of support, legal options and much more.  The writers include a world-class lung disease expert and the wife and daughter of a patient. They provide an invaluable resource for anyone coping with the physical and emotional turmoil of mesothelioma.

About the Authors

Harvey I. Pass, MD

                Dr. Harvey Pass is the director of the New York University Medical Center Division of Thoracic Surgery and is Chief of Thoracic Oncology.  Dr. Pass is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the Johns Hopkins University and Duke Medical School. After completing his cardiothoracic training and working as a cardiac surgery attending physician, he devoted his career to treating thoracic malignancies including mesothelioma.  He is one of the world’s leading authorities on mesothelioma.

Mary Hesdorffer, NP

                Mary is a fully-credentialed Nurse Practitioner and has spent the last 15 years actively treating patients of mesothelioma. 

Sarah Elizabeth Lake

                Sarah Elizabeth is the widow of Phillip Lake, who died of mesothelioma in 2010.  Prior to Phil getting sick, she worked in the medical field, which gave her valuable insight in obtaining and organizing important medical records that became an essential part of Phil’s care.  She continues to advocate for Mesothelioma patients and their families.

Sarah Ann Lake

                Sarah Ann is the daughter of Phillip Lake.  She is an advocate for victims of mesothelioma and has lobbied in Washington D.C. for banning asbestos.  Sarah Ann played an important role in the care of her father as he battled mesothelioma.

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