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Colorado Mesothelioma Attorneys

We are proud to represent mesothelioma victims and their families across the United States, including hardworking men and women in Colorado.

Colorado State SealThe only known cause of mesothelioma is exposure to asbestos. Throughout the 20th century tons of asbestos were mined in the United States and used in many industries, including Colorado railroads, factories, schools, universities and power plants.

Major cities in Colorado where asbestos exposure is known to have occurred at job sites include:

  • Denver
  • Colorado Springs
  • Aurora
  • Fort Collins
  • Lakewood
  • Thornton
  • Pueblo
  • Arvada
  • Westminster
  • Centennial

Filing a Mesothelioma Claim in Colorado

It is important to know that every state has its own laws and if you wait too long, your claims may be barred. Our Colorado mesothelioma attorneys are focused solely on mesothelioma cases, allowing us to be sensitive to the concerns of our clients suffering while navigating the unique legal aspects of these cases and maximizing each client's recovery.

Colorado Mesothelioma Treatment Centers

There are a number of cancer centers and physicians in Colorado that treat mesothelioma. The following are a list of some of the cancer centers that specialize in treatment of mesothelioma cancer. If you would like to learn more, CLICK HERE to contact our client service team or call us at 800-300-2919.

University of Colorado Cancer Center
University of Colorado Cancer Center

13001 E. 17th Place
P. O. Box 6511, Mail Stop F434
Aurora, Colorado 80045

Colorado Mesothelioma Physicians

Paul A. Bunn, Jr M.D.
University of Colorado Denver
Distinguished Professor, Division of Medical Oncology/University of Colorado, James Dudley Chair in Lung Cancer Research
University of Colorado Hospital
12605 E. 16th Ave
Aurora, CO 80045

In 1984, Dr. Bunn was recruited to the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center as a Professor of Medicine in Medical Oncology and Head of the Division of Medical Oncology. In 1986 Dr. Bunn became the Director of the University of Colorado Comprehensive Cancer Center. Dr. Bunn has been President of ASCO, IASLC, and AACI, chairman of the FDA Oncology Drug Advisory Committee, and Executive Director of the IASLC.
Dr. Bunn’s research interests focus on novel therapies for lung cancer. He has published more than 300 articles in peer-reviewed journals, over 122 reviews and editorials, and 90 book chapters on lung cancer. Dr. Bunn’s studies have set standards for the treatment of lung cancer, have identified issues of natural history and have identified biomarkers of prognosis and therapy selection. Dr. Bunn is the principal investigator on numerous national and local therapeutic trials and is also the principal investigator for the SPORE grant in lung cancer that is designed to conduct translational research in lung cancer.

Michael Weyant M.D.Associate Professor, Cardiothoracic Surgery
Specialty: Thoracic Surgery
University of Colorado Cancer Center
1665 Aurora Court
Aurora, CO 80045
(303) 724-2808

Michael J. Weyant , thoracic surgeon at the University of Colorado Cancer Center, might not see as many pleural mesothelioma patients as some of his peers, but his opinions are as respected every bit as much.
Weyant was chosen to write the lead editorial in the highly regarded Journal of Thoracic Oncology (April 2012) that accompanied a study report from England calling for the halt of the extrapleural pneumonectomy (EPP) surgery, in favor of the less-radical pleurectomy/decortication (P/D) for mesothelioma patients.
Weyant didn’t totally agree with the findings, believing each patient’s needs should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

John Mitchell M.D.
Chief, General Thoracic Surgery, Professor, Cardiothoracic Surgery
Specialty: Cardiothoracic Surgery
University of Colorado Cancer Center
1665 Aurora Court
Aurora, CO 80045
(303) 724-2808

John Mitchell, M.D., was recruited to the University of Colorado School of Medicine to become the Cancer Center’s Chief of General Thoracic Surgery in 2002, starting a very successful relationship. His national reputation, and that of the school, has grown considerably ever since.
Mitchell was awarded the first Endowed Chair in the Department of Surgery in 2006. He received the University of Colorado Hospital Pioneer Award in 2011 for his outstanding vision, leadership and commitment to patients.

Robert Meguid M.D.
Assistant Professor, Cardiothoracic Surgery
University of Colorado School of Medicine
1665 Aurora Court
Aurora, CO 80045

Robert Meguid, M.D., is the latest addition to the cardiothoracic surgery staff at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, adding a fresh perspective and an innovative approach.
Meguid joined the team as an assistant professor in summer 2012 after a residency at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and a fellowship in cardiothoracic surgery at the University of Washington.
His interest in lung transplants, along with malignant and benign lung diseases, became a good fit at the Colorado Medical Center, where more than 115 patients have undergone successful transplants in the last 20 years.

D. Ross Camidge, M.D.
Medical Oncologist
University of Colorado Cancer Center
Mesothelioma Clinic
1665 Aurora Court
Aurora, CO 80045
(720) 848-0300

Dr. D. Ross Camidge is an associate professor in the division of medical oncology and serves as both the director of the thoracic oncology clinical program and the program director for the thoracic oncology clinical and translational research fellowship at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Dr. Camidge joined the University of Colorado as a full-time faculty member in October of 2007 after having served as a visiting professor at the university for two years prior. Dr. Camidge has been described by the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation as “one of the leading minds in lung cancer.”
Dr. D. Ross Camidge earned his BA in 1988 from Oxford University located in Oxford, United Kingdom and his PhD in 1992 from Cambridge University located in Cambridge, United Kingdom. He then went on to pursue his medical degree at Oxford University Medical School where he graduated in 1995. He completed his internship at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford that same year. Dr. Camidge is trained in both medical oncology and clinical pharmacology.

Robert C. Doebele, M.D.
Medical Oncologist
University of Colorado Cancer Center
Mesothelioma Clinic
1665 Aurora Court
Aurora, CO 80045
(720) 848-0300

Dr. Robert C. Doebele is an associate professor in the division of medical oncology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. He joined the University of Colorado in 2008 as a member of the thoracic malignancies program. Prior to assuming this post, Dr. Doebele served as an instructor at the University of Chicago.
Dr. Robert C. Doebele earned his AB in 1993 from Princeton University located in Princeton, New Jersey. He then went on to earn both a PhD and MD from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia in 2001. Dr. Doebele completed his internship (2002), residency (internal medicine – 2004), and fellowship (internal medicine-medical oncology – 2007) at the University of Chicago in Illinois. Dr. Doebele is board-certified in internal medicine, medical oncology, and cancer/oncology.

W. Thomas Purcell, M.D.
Medical Oncologist
University of Colorado Cancer Center
Mesothelioma Clinic
1665 Aurora Court
Aurora, CO 80045
(720) 848-0300

Dr. W. Thomas Purcell is an associate professor in the division of medical oncology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. In addition to his academic post, Dr. Purcell’s clinical titles include associate director for clinical services of the University of Colorado Cancer Center and executive medical director of oncology services at University of Colorado Hospital. Prior to joining the University of Colorado faculty in May of 2012, Dr. Purcell served as the director of the Billings Clinic Cancer Center in Billings, Montana for over seven years.
Dr. W. Thomas Purcell graduated from Millsaps College located in Jackson, Mississippi with a bachelor of science degree in 1985 before moving on to earn his MBA in 1991 at the University of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois. He attended Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia where he received his medical degree in 1996. Dr. Purcell completed both his internship (1997) and residency (1999) at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Texas. He completed a fellowship in internal medicine-medical oncology in 2002 at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine located in Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Purcell is board-certified in internal medicine, medical oncology, and cancer/oncology.

Mesothelioma Resources

Mesothelioma is a rare and very serious form of cancer found in the lining surrounding the lungs, the stomach, the testes, or the heart. The only known cause of mesothelioma is exposure to asbestos.

It often takes 10 to 60 years after exposure to asbestos before the symptoms of mesothelioma develop. This period of time is referred to as a latency period. Because of the latency period, the disease commonly affects men and women that are at least 50 years of age and that worked with asbestos between 10 and 60 years ago.

Colorado Mesothelioma Facts

Today, the use of asbestos and the handling of asbestos materials are regulated in Colorado as well as the rest of the United States, but its use is not banned. It is recognized as a hazardous material and is monitored by OSHA and the EPA but exposure risks still exist. The United States still consumes 30 million pounds of new asbestos per year. Additionally, many old homes, factories, schools, warehouses, and commercial buildings still contain old asbestos products.

The average incident rate of mesothelioma in the United States is 1 / 100,000 - the incident rate for the state of Colorado falls below the National average.

There are a number of different jobs that caused a larger amount of exposure to asbestos on a more frequent basis. Below you will find today's employment numbers for several of these high risk jobs in Colorado:

Occupation 2008 Colorado Employment
Construction 165,195
Mechanical Engineers 4,290
Electricians 15,400
Teachers & Instructors 10,220
Mechanics & Technicians 15,220
Plumbers, Pipefitters & Steamfitters 10,960



Colorado Exposure Sites

Many of our clients are unsure of how they could have been exposed to asbestos. We have hired some of the best investigators in the business. Our investigators will track down who was responsible to help ensure that they can be held accountable.

Below is a partial list of Colorado buildings and job sites where asbestos exposure may have occurred. If you or a loved one have mesothelioma, or other asbestos-related injury, and wish to consult a Colorado mesothelioma attorney about your legal rights to compensation, CLICK HERE for a free consultation or call us at 800-300-2919.

Alamosa Community Hospital
Alamosa Power Plant
Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Co.
Four Corners Power Plant
Public Service Co. of Colorado

Foley Brothers & Walbridge

Doctor Jack Pot Consolidated Mining Co.
El Paso Consolidated Gold Mining Co.

Arapahoe City
Ashland High School

Denver Sewer Pipe & Clay Co.

Arvada Technical Center

Aspen Colorado Sanitation District
Aspen Valley Hospital

Arooman Homes
Aurora City Water District
Cherry Creek Nursing Home

Pueblo Ordnance Depot
U S Army
U.S. Corporation of Engineers

Denver & Rio Grande Railroad Co.

Cia Colombiana De Electricidad

Colorado Fuel & Iron Company

Ideal Cement Company

Bogota Military Hospital
Fabrica De Grasas Y

Atmospheric Research Center
Aurora 7 Elementary School
Boulder High School
Boulder Metal Products
Boulder Rolling Mills Company
Colorado State University
D & S Mechanical
Dietrich Standard
Public Service Company of Colorado
Steam Plant
University of Colorado, various bldgs.
Valmont Powerhouse

Juanita Coal and Coke Company

United Illuminating, Bridgeport Harbor Station

Great Western Sugar Company
Greenleaf Wholesale Florist
Kitayama Brothers Greenhouse
Kuner Pickle Company

Broadmoor Hotel

Geneva Pharmaceutical
Home Building

Beet Sugar Factory
Great Western Sugar Company
Pawnee Power Plant
Public Service Company of Colorado
Xcel Energy

Buena Vista
Colorado State Reformatory

Fitzsimmons General Hospital

Denver & Rio Grande Railroad Co.

Butte General Electric Company

Ingenio Rio Paila

Cameo Power Plant
Public Service Company of Colorado

Canon City
Admin. & Rec. Building
Arkansas Valley Railway, Light & Power Co.
Centel Corporation
Clark Generating Station
Colorado Light and Power Company
Colorado State Penitentiary
Peata Verde Silver Mining Company
Southern Colorado Power Company
Southern Colorado Power Plant
Utilicorp United, Inc.
West Plains Energy

Central City
Randolph & Company, Custom Stamp Mill

Cherry Creek
Cherry Creek High School

Cheyenne Mountain
Cheyenne Lodge

American Metals Climax, Inc.
Climax Molybdenum Company

Cia Textile Del Norte Sa Allende

Coors Porcelain Company

Colorado City
General Palmer Residence

Colorado Springs
Air Force Academy, various buildings
Alamo Hotel and Garage Company
Alexander Industries, Incorporated
Antlers Hotel Company
Antlers Plaza Hotel
Apex Insulation
Armstrong Contracting & Supply Corporation
Broadmoor Cheyenne Mountain Highway, Hell Gate
Broadmoor Hotel
Burns Theatre
Cadet Quarters Afa
Camp Carson
Carson Residential Housing
Citizens Light, Heat & Power Company
Cletus G. Cooper, 420 S. Corona Ave.
Cletus G. Cooper, 6 1/2 W. Cimarron St.
Colorado College
Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind
Colorado Springs Electric Company
Colorado Springs Light Heat & Power Co.
Colorado Springs Rapid Transit Company
Colorado Springs Utilities
Converter Mod. Phase 1 and 2 Afa
Corley Coal Company
Denver Equipment Co.
Department of Public Utilities
Drake Power Plant
El Paso Electric Company
El Paso Gold Mine
Electric Paso Mining Company
Empire Acoustics & Fireproof
Field House Afa
Ft. Carson
Ft. Carson - Enlisted Men's Barracks
Garden Terrace Apartments
Glockner Penrose Hospital
Glockner Sanatorium
Golden Cycle Mining & Reduction Company
Gosnell Construction
Graymore Sanatorium
Heating Incorporated
Hewlett Packard
Holly Sugar Building
J.C. St. John Plumbing & Heating Co.
Las Animas Electric Company
Martin Drake Power Plant
Memorial Hospital
Municipal Power Plant
Myron Stratton Home
Olsen Plumbing & Heating
Palmer Center
Penrose Hospital
Penrose Library
Richard M. Nixon Power Plant
Skyway Park School
Strong Gold Mining Company
U.S. Air Force Academy
Union Printers Home
Western Forge Corporation

Commerce City
Asamera Oil USA
Cherokee Power House
Colorado Refinery
Conoco Oil Refinery
Continental Oil Company
Martin Marietta
Packaging Corporation of America (A/K/A Central Fibre Products Co.)
Rocky Mountain Arsenal, Shell Chemical
Rocky Mountain Service, Inc.
Schmidt Incinerators Co.
Shell Chemical

Southwest Dugan

Colorado-Ute Electric Association, Inc.
Craig Station
Hudson Energy Company
Texaco Inc.
Tri-State Generation and Transmission
Yampa Project, Craig Station

Commodore Mining Company

Crested Butte
Colorado Fuel & Iron Company

Holly Sugar Corp.

15Th St. Investment Company
A. Coors
A.A. Cox Construction Company
A.F.L. Paint
Abex Corporation, Amsco Division
Advanced Neon Sign
Air Force Finance Center
Air Training Base
Albany Hotel Annex
American Beet Sugar Company
American Crystal Sugar Co.
American Manganese Steel Division
American Sheetmetal Shop
American Smelting & Refining Company
American Theatre
Arapahoe Power Plant
Arizona Marble Company
Armour and Company
Armstrong Contracting & Supply Corporation
Asbestos Supply
Asmay Refinery
Aurora Oil Company
B.H. Lichter and Company
Bay Petroleum Company
Bay Petroleum Refinery
Berkeley Presbyterian Church
Board of Water Commission
Board of Water Commission - Ashland Station
Boise Cascade Corp.
Braun Knecht Heimann & Co.
Breach Plumbing & Heating
Brooks Towers
Brown Elementary School
Brown Palace Hotel
Burlington Northern Railroad
C F & I Engineers, Inc.
C F & I Steel Company
C.B. & Q. Team Track
Capitol Building
Carl Andrew Con
Case Cutter
Caterpillar Tractor Company
Celebrity Lane, 320 S. Colorado Blvd.
Central Y.M.C.A.
Cherokee Steam Electric Station
Chevron Oil Company
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Company
Children's Hospital Association
Cipra Air Conditioning
City & County of Denver - Court House
City and County of Denver Company
Coffins Packing Company
Colorado & Southern Railway Company
Colorado Building
Colorado Cold Storage Corporation
Colorado Fuel & Iron Company
Colorado General Hospital
Colorado Ice & Cold Storage Company
Colorado Packing & Provision Company
Colorado Refinery
Colorado State Home for Dependent & Neglected Children
Colorado State Industrial School
Colorado Tires and Iron Company
Columbine Building
Columbine Laundry Company
Commanche Power Plant
Conaway Furnace
Construction Specialties Co.
Continental Oil Company
Continental Refinery
Cosmopolitan Hotel
Courthouse Square Development
Curtis Sheetmetal
D.S. Grimes Son
Del Patrick Heating
Denver Auditorium
Denver Brick & Pipe Company
Denver City Cable Railway Company
Denver City Hall
Denver City Tramway Company
Denver Consolidated Electric Light Company
Denver Dry Goods Company
Denver Federal Center
Denver Gas and Electric Company
Denver Metro Sewage Co. Water/ Sewage Treatment Center
Denver Missile Sites
Denver Municipal Airport
Denver Ordnance Plant
Denver Public Bath & Gymnasium
Denver Sewer Pipe & Clay Company
Denver Sheetmetal
Denver Tramway Power Company
Denver US National Bank
DFC Corp. Division
Dome Investment Company, Ideal Building
Douglas Jardine Sheetmetal
Dravo Corp.
Economy Mechanical Industrial
Ernest and Cramner Building
Federal Reserve Building
Feeney Insulation
Fitzsimmons General Hospital
For Sale Per Dave Black
Fos Sheetmetal
Franklin Park Apartments
Frontier Airlines - Stapleton
Gates Rubber Company
General Electric Company
General Iron Works
Great Western Machinery Company
Great Western Sugar Company
Hendrie & Bolthoff Manufacturing & Supply Co.
Hilton Hotel
Hoffman Heights
Holy Ghost Church
Home Furnaces
Hy-Met Engineering Ltd.
Industrial Service & Engineering Company
International Rubber Company
J D Insulations
Jewish Consumptives Relief Society
Job A Cooper
Johns-Manville Corporation
Johnson Davis Power Plant
K. & B. Packing & Provision Company
Kindle & Angelo Sheetmetal
Lacombe Power Station
Lauren Burt, Inc.
Lindrooth Shubart & Company
Liquid Carbonic Corporation
Littleton Creamery Company
Longero, Inc.
Loretto Heights College
Lowry Air Force Base
M.A. Mackay Company
Macarthur Company
Martin Marietta
Masonic Temple
May D. & F.
Mc Phee & Mcginnity Lumber Company
Meade & Mount Construction Company
Merriot Motel
Midland Savings and Loan Company Building
Midwest Plumbing and Heating, Inc.
Mile High Center
Mine and Smelter Supply Co.
Mobil Oil Corporation
Morey Mercantile Company
Morse Brothers Machinery Co.
Mountain States Engineering
Mountain States Tel & Tel
MSI Industries
Nallays Inc.
National Biscuit Company
National Cylinder Gas
Nielson Plastering
Northeast Burnzol Co.
Northwest Heating
Owens Corning Fiberglas
Penn Chemical Works
Phillip Zang Brewing Company
Phillips Elementary School
Plateau Supply Company
Porter Memorial Hospital
Powers Industrial Insulation
Presbyterian Hospital
Public Service of Colorado - Arapahoe Station
Public Service of Colorado - Cherokee Plant
Public Service of Colorado - Zuni Plant
Public Services of Colorado
Ray's Texaco Service
Red Seal Inc.
Republic Building
Robinson Brick & Tile
Rocky Mount Brewery
Rocky Mountain Arsenal
Rocky Mountain Supply
Roderick Garage
Roger Inc.
Rush Matl Distr
Rutherford Plumbing & Heating
Sam Fox Sheet Metal
Samsonite Corporation
Sayre Newton Lumber Company
Schmidt Manufacturing Corp.
Shell Chemical Company
Smith School
Southern Sierras Power Company
St. Joseph's Hospital
St. Luke's Hospital
St. Thomas Seminary
Stapleton International Airport
State Highway Department
State Steam Plant, Unit #4
Stearns Rogers Inc.
Stovers Candy
Swift & Company
Thermatic Heating
Titan Missile Sites
Total Refinery
Tower Building Denver
U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
Union Pacific Railroad Company
Union Power Plant
Union Stockyards
United Sheet Metal & Iron Works
United States Air Force
United States Federal Jail
United States National Bank Building
University Hospital, Health Sciences
University of Colorado
University of Colorado General Hospital
University of Colorado Health Services Center
US Air Force Finance Center
US West Communications
Utility Control & Equipment
Vail Association, Inc.
Van Genderen Sheetmetal
Veterans Administration Hospital
Watson Grant Co.
Webb and Knapp
Western Chemical Manufacturing Co.
Western Iron Mills
Western Packing Company
Western Sheet Metal
Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co.
Wheeler Sheetmetal
William Russell Coal Company
Worthington Pump & Machinery Corporation
Xcel Energy
Zang Brewing Company
Zuni Power Plant

Denver County
Arapahoe Power Plant

Summit County Power Company

Triplex Corp
Colorado Interstate Gas Company

Apache Lumber
Public Service Company of Colorado
Western Colorado Power Company

East Hampton
Summit Thread Company

Great Western Sugar Company

El Paso County
Colorado Springs Dept. of Public Utilities - Nixon Plant

El Paso Consolidated Gold Mining Company
Elkton Consolidated Mining & Milling Company

Airways Incorporated
Cinderella City Mall
Federal Correctional Institute
Federal Youth Center
General Iron Works
Martin Company Plant
Natkin Contracting
Reffel J W Metal Fdy Inc.
Stainless Equipment
Theo L Carson Company
Tibbetts Plumbing & Heating


United Collieries Company

Wilmot Elementary School

Holly Construction Company

Florence Electric Street Railway Co.
Florence Light Company
Johns Manville
Pabco Building

Fort Carson
Enlisted Men's Barracks
Ft. Carson
Mess Halls

Fort Collins
Anheuser Busch, Inc.
City of Fort Collins
Colorado State University, various bldgs.
Ft. Collins Light & Power
Ft. Collins Sugar Company
Great Western Sugar Company
House Heating
J.W. Lawrence, Department M. E.
Larimer Light and Power Company
Light and Power Department
State Agricultural College

Fort Lupton
Colorado Condensed Milk Company

Fort Lyon
United States Naval Hospital
United States Veterans Administration

Fort Morgan
Great Western Sugar Company
Madre Tierra Sugar
Morgan County Construction Company
The Great Western Sugar Company

Forty Fort
Simpson and Watkins

Colorado Springs Utilities

Eisenhower Tunnel

American Gilsonite Company
Fruita Refinery
Gary Community Rural Station
Gary Refining Company
Landmark Petroleum
Louisiana Pacific
Mesa Insulation
Standard Oil Refinery

United Light and Power Company

American Gilsonite Company

Glenwood Springs
Mid-Continent Coal & Coke

Adolph Coors Brewery
Adolph Coors Company
Atomic Energy Commission
Colorado School of Mines
Colorado State Industrial School
Columbine Glass Co.
Coors Porcelain Company
Dow Chemical
Rocky Flats Power Plant
Rocky Mountain Power
Utility Control & Equipment

La Belle Mill, Water & Power Company

Grand Junction
American Gilsonite Company
City Hall
Climax Uranium Company
Continental Oil Company
Grand Junction City Hall
Grand Junction Regional Center
Grand Valley Oil & Shale
Munro Supply
Public Service Company of Colorado
Redlands Water & Power Company
State Home and Training School
United States Vanadium Corporation
Veterans Administration
Walker Lybarger Construction Co., United States Atomic Energy Co.

Grand Vallely
Oil Shale Plant
U.S. Reclamation Service

Atlas Missile Site
Brentwood Middle School
Central High School
Clover Club Foods
Court House
Dorm Unit # 3 - CSC
Great Western Sugar Company
John Evans Junior High School
Madison Elementary School
Monfort Packing Company
Scott Elementary School
State Teachers College
University of Northern Colorado
West High School
Western Sugar

Greenwood Village
Cherry Creek West Junior High School

Western State College

Colorado-UTE Electric Association
Hayden Station

Natural Gas Pipeline Company

Ashland High School

Oxnard Construction Company

Monte Vista Golden Age

U.S. Air Force Academy
U.S. Air Force Academy - Cadet Social Center Complex

Idaho Springs
William E. Renshaw

Golden Cycle Mining Company
Vindicator Consolidated Gold Mining Co.

Utility Control & Equipment

Coors Biotech Division
Great Western Sugar Company

Fort Carson
Fort Carson, Butts Airfield

La Junta
Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway Company
Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railroad
City Light Plant
Nibco of Colorado

La Salle
Industrial Sugar Company

Denver Gas and Electric Company

Chemical Corps., Rocky Mtn. Arsenal
Julius Hyman Company
Rocky Mountain Arsenal
Rocky Mountain Ordnance Works
Shell Chemical Company

A T & T Co.
American Motors Corporation Research Center
Best Western Denver West Hotel
Duke Shepard Homes
Federal Correctional Institute
Feeney Supply Co.

American Beet Sugar Company
City of Lamar
City of Lamar - Lamar Light & Power Department
Lamar Powerhouse

Las Animas
American Beet Sugar Company
Colorado Southeast Plant, Unit #1
Colorado Southeast Plant, Unit #2
Las Animas Electric Company

Day Mines, Inc.
Iron Silver Mining Company
Leadville Gas and Electric Company
Leadville Light and Power Company
Twin Lakes Power Plant
Yak Mining, Milling and Tunnel Company

Leyden Gas Plant

Residential Heating

Electron Corp.
Gates Rubber Co.(Armstrong Rubber)
Marie Calenders
Martin Marietta

Lockwood Greene
Barber Asphalt Paving Company

Great Western Beet Sugar Company
Great Western Sugar Company
Longmont Beet Sugar Company
Western Foundries

E.I. Dupont De Nemours & Company

Great Western Sugar Company

Martin Marietta Cem Western Division

Colorado Utilities Corporation

Trend Construction Corp. - Wilson Creek Field

Colorado Fuel & Iron Company
Crane Co X CF&L
Pueblo Division

Government of The Republic of Mexico

Monte Vista
San Luis Valley Beet Sugar Company

Bullock Power Plant
Colorado-Ute Electric Association, Inc.
Western Colorado Power Company

Mount Harris
Colorado and Utah Coal Company

Uranium Mill
Vanadium Corporation of America

New Haven
Consolidated Railway Corporation

IBM Engineering Building
IBM Manufacturing /C/ Building
Natkin & Company

North Denver
Cherokee Station
Public Service Company of Colorado

Northglenn Mall

Oak Creek
Oak Creek Power Company

Oak Creek Mines
Moffat Coal Company

Oak Hills
Moffat Coal Company

Union Carbide

Great Western Sugar Company

Pagosa Springs
Oak Ridge Motel

Public Service Company of Colorado
Xcel Energy

Pasto Brewery

Platte Canon, Denver
Denver Union Water Works

Fort Saint Vrain Power Plant
Public Service of Colorado
Xcel Energy

Port Morgan
Madre Tierra
Western Sugar

Acme Markets Incorporated
Alpha Beta Acme Packing Division
American Smelting & Refining Company
American Stores
Boston Food Products
Burn Zol Corporation
C.F. & I. Steel Corporation
Central High School
City Hall
Colorado Fuel & Iron Company
Colorado Laundry Company
Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo
Colorado State Hospital
Comanche Powerhouse
Coppers Company
D.E. Burke
Dana Corporation Perfect
Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Company
H.L. Bridgeman
Mckinney Concrete Products
Nuckolls Packing Company
Opera House Block
Public Service Company of Colorado
Public Service of Colorado - Comanche Station
Pueblo & Suburban Traction & Lighting Co.
Pueblo Army Depot
Pueblo By Products Company
Pueblo Central School
Pueblo Electric Street Railway Company
Pueblo Power Plant
Pueblo Smelting and Refining Company
Pueblo Street Railway Company
Pueblo Traction and Lighting Company
Pueblo Wae Lighting Company
Rock Wool Insulating Co.
Rockwool Industries
Rust Furnace Co./Colorado Fuel and Iron
Southern Colorado Power Company
St. Mary Corwin Hospital
Standard Fire Brick Company
State Hospital Addition
Triplex of America
Union Pacific
United States Zinc Company
Utilicorp United, Inc.
Walter Brewing Co.
Xcel Energy

The California Company
Chevron USA, Inc.
Moon Lake Electric Association

Kaiser Industries
United Engineering & Foundry Company

Flatiron Structures Company
Torkelson Co F G
U.S. Bureau of Mines
Union Carbide Corporation
United States Vanadium Corp.

Dow Chemical Co - Rocky Flats Plant

Rocky Flats
Rocky Flats Power Plant
United States Atomic Energy Commission

Rocky Ford
American Beet Sugar Company
American Crystal Sugar Company
Oxnard Construction Company
Rocky Ford Power Plant
Southern Colorado Power Company
Utilicorp United, Inc.

Ruby City
Goodenough Mining & Milling Company

U.S. Air Force Academy - Cadet Social Center Complex

Colorado Power Company
Salida Light Power & Utility Company

Santa Fe Springs
Wilshire Oil Company

International Paper

Marcus Mason Company

Precision Heating & Plumbing

Silver Cliff
Silver Cliff Mining Company of Colorado

E.G. Stoiber

Western Colorado Power Company

Colorado Power Company
Great Western Sugar Company

Sugar City
National Beet Sugar Company
National Sugar Manufacturing Company

Holly Construction Company

Hoffman Homes
Thornton Elementary School

E.I. Dupont De Nemours & Company

Electrical Installation Company
Hawkins & Davis Crosswell Barnett Machine Co.
Trinidad Electric Light, Heat & Power Company
Trinidad Electric Railroad Company
Trinidad Electric Transmission Railway & Gas Co.
Trinidad Municipal Power & Light Dept.
Trinidad Power Plant
Trinidad Sheet Metal

Triplex of America

American Potash & Chemical Corporation

Union Carbide Nuclear Company
Union Carbide Corporation

Ingenio Rio Castilla

Public Service Company of Colorado
Republic Construction Company
Valmont Station

Ajax Gold Mining Company
Gold Coin Mining & Leasing Company
Victor Fuel Company
Vindicator Gold Mining Company

Frontier Power Company

Chase Rolling Mill Company

Martin Marietta

Welton Air Force Base
Welton Air Force Base
Welton Air Force Base Power Plant

US Aluminum Company

Texas Gulf Company

Wheat Ridge
Cress Tile Company
Davis Brothers Floral Company
Everitt Junior High School
Highland South Apartments
Pasco Incorporated
Refcon Industries Inc.
Senior Citizens Housing, 6340 West 38th Ave.
Wheatridge Sanitation

Shell Oil Company

Eastman Kodak Company
Eastman Kodak Project, Buildings C-17 & C-27
Great Western Sugar Company
Owens Corning Fiberglas

Spreckels Sugar Co.

Modern Woodmen of America Sanatorium

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