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The construction industry relied heavily on the use of asbestos products. Asbestos was used in many construction products because the mineral was affordable, strong, durable, insulating, and resistant to heat and flame. Due to these properties asbestos was often found in pipe insulation, drywall, drywall tape and taping compounds, roofing shingles, ceiling tiles, floor tiles, and cement.

Although contractors are not generally responsible for the hands on construction work that would have required the handling of asbestos, they may have been exposed to asbestos dust as many tradesmen including brick layers, drywallers, carpenters, plumbers, and cement workers often worked close together on construction projects. Many job tasks done by these tradesmen on construction sites caused asbestos dust by drilling, sanding, and sawing. Contractors and construction workers often worked without respirators and other gear to protect them from asbestos exposure on the jobsite.

Contractors were also placed at risk of secondary exposure while supervising personnel on the jobsite who may have been carrying asbestos dust on their clothing.

Once asbestos is disturbed and made airborne, it can easily be inhaled or ingested. Once inside the body, asbestos fibers can become lodged in organ tissues causing inflammation and scarring that may lead to the development of mesothelioma cancer and other asbestos-related diseases.

Unfortunately, millions of people have been exposed to asbestos over the years. Only now are we able to see the disastrous effects of asbestos exposure in the workplace. Generally, it takes 10 to 60 years from the time of asbestos exposure until symptoms appear or mesothelioma is diagnosed.

Many of the companies have established trust funds to pay compensation to persons injured by asbestos.

If you have mesothelioma, or other asbestos-related injury, and wish to consult an attorney about your legal rights to compensation, CLICK HERE for a free consultation.