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One Man’s Fight with Mesothelioma

Described by his family as a “quiet warrior,” Bill McQueen’s battle with mesothelioma was featured in The Wall Street Journal.  His history of serving in the Air Force, growing up and working on the family farm as a child, and working in a greenhouse in his youth may have led to Bill’s exposure to asbestos and the cause of his mesothelioma.

Because his brother and sister had similar symptoms, Bill suspected mesothelioma.  Both of his siblings died within 6 months of their diagnoses.  Bill underwent standard treatment for the cancer including chemotherapy and enrolled in medical trials to receive the most advanced treatments possible.

Some of the highlights the WSJ makes about mesothelioma.

  •  “Mesothelioma symptoms often don’t appear for decades after a person is exposed to asbestos fibers.”
  • “There is no cure for the disease.”
  • “Depending on treatment, patients have an average of a matter of months to live.”

The WSJ followed Bill and his family for a year during his fight with mesothelioma.

Bill is a mesothelioma warrior that fought a hard battle.  His battle lasted for two years, which is longer than the average mesothelioma victim.   Like most victims diagnosed with mesothelioma, Bill sought legal counsel.  Though he did not have a specific job or instance where he could pinpoint the asbestos exposure, experienced mesothelioma lawyers do not need one company or the victim to recall in detail the time of their exposure.

Newer mesothelioma cases are more like Bill’s where there could have been several instances of exposure.  With the help of investigators, Bill gave a day and a half of testimony about his past.  Though he has passed away, his family is still working through his lawsuit.  Even though Bill could not fight to the end of his lawsuit, his testimony lives on to provide for his family.   If you have questions about mesothelioma or have a situation like Bill’s please do not hesitate to seek legal assistance.  Request a free book about mesothelioma today.

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